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AffilBox is a simple tool that helps you create a network of partners who will promote and sell your product and help you grow your business.

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2 836 active campaigns running on AffilBox
29 228 partners promote our customers
6 542 686 USD turnover of shops in the last 30 days
24 265 customers brought in in the last 30 days
316 000 USD affiliate commissions for the last 30 days

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We have been using AffilBox for most of our e-shops since 2017, when we migrated from another technical solution. We like that we have multiple languages/countries in one administration, which is also clear and easy to use. Great support is already a given with AffilBox.

Tomáš Bártek
Chief Marketing Officer

Zonky uses Affilbox mainly for its simple, clear interface, but it also offers plenty of features for effective affiliate campaign management. I also appreciate the fast and professional technical support and the enhancement of the interface with new features.

Martin Netolický
Affiliate manager

We have been using Affilbox for over 5 years to manage our affiliate marketing and all our affiliates. In all this time we have not had a single problem. Everything is simple and clear including detailed statistics and billing to affiliates.

Martin Mates

Thanks to AffilBox, we have built a wide base of partners who bring in hundreds of new leads every day. I appreciate its simple and intuitive operation for us and our partners. Their customer and technical support is unparalleled. We have yet to have an "issue" not resolved very quickly. And it's great that AffilBox has taken a new breath and with new management comes a lot of new things.

Dušan Souček
Affiliate manager

For anyone who is serious about affil, I recommend having your own platform. Affilbox has been that for me since 2014. Affiliates know it, it easily talks to your eshop via API. It's quick to start and very cheap to run. Thanks to Affilbox, I can focus on what is important in traffic marketing - partner acquisition and support.

Zdeněk Dvořák
Affiliate manager

We have been using AffilBox to manage our commission system since the very beginning. Throughout its existence, everything has worked as it should and we have never had any reason to question its functionality. On the contrary, over the years we have added a lot of interesting features and in 2019 a complete graphical redesign.

Matěj Fuchs
Affiliate manager

We switched to AffilBox from another technical solution. Thanks to the fast and professional support we managed to connect everything we needed. The interface is simple and clear, which is appreciated by our partners. We have a perfect overview of all orders, we can easily approve commissions. There is a detailed overview of statistics and billing for partners. We are looking forward to any new features.

Monika Vencourová
Affiliate manager

We chose AffilBox because it is a clear and comprehensive platform. No matter if you are an affiliate or a manager, you will find everything you need in one place - in your profile. Another benefit of this platform is the unparalleled support - whenever I have a problem or question, they are always happy to help me solve everything.

Alena Dolečková
Affiliate manager

Affiliate is one of the key channels for me and I am glad that I built our program on this solution. The interface is simple, pleasant and 100% fulfills its function. Over the years of cooperation, I have not only dozens of my own projects under Affilbox, but also many projects (especially eshops) of my clients. I especially appreciate the smooth operation and flawless conversion counting and communication with support.

Miroslav Beran

Reasons why you'll love AffilBox

Always have a perfect overview of your orders

Always have a perfect overview of your orders

  • you know exactly which customers your partners have brought you
  • you can easily approve or reject an order with one click
  • you can clearly see the amount of commission for each conversion
Unlimited number of campaigns

Unlimited number of campaigns

  • you can restrict access to the campaign to only selected partners
  • you can set a different commission amount for each campaign
Easy partner management

Easy partner management

  • you have the opportunity to sign up as a selected partner
  • you can deny partners access to your program

Affiliate program will increase your sales by 10% - 60%

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A partner can be anyone, it can be your friend, colleague, neighbour, but also your customers or someone from the industry. Usually it's someone you've never met.

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Only 2% of merchants in the world take advantage of the benefits of affiliate marketing. Do you want to overtake 98% of your competitors in 2022?

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We are not a commission network

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